UK Domain Sale Prices, Charts and Tools

Historic UK Domain Prices

With UK domain sale prices data gathered since 2006, you can now search and filter all recorded domains.

This data can be used to help ascertain the value of similar domains for both buyer and seller.

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Historic UK Domain Sale Trends

With data UK domain sales data gathered since 2006, it is now possible to view any common trends across months, years and domain character length.

This data is displayed in both line and bar charts to help identify common trends, displaying the highest and lowest domain sale prices for a given month or year.

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UK Bulk Whois

A bulk UK Whois tool.

1,000 Domains can be checked over a rolling 24hr period, 100 domains at a time.

No tracking or storage of any queries are recorded.

UK Bulk Whois
Filter Domains List Tool

This tool allows you to input a list of domains, and it will process the output into an easy to read table. It is then possible to filter and sort the results quickly and easily.

This is tool is great when you have a large list of domains for sale and you want to find specific domains relative to your niche.

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Bulk Domains Sold Tool

Sometimes you may come across a bulk list of domains that have been sold recently and you would like to improve the display of this list for improved readability, or even to filter all non-UK domain name sales.

It's not perfect by any means, but works nicely for basic lists. If you have any feature requests please sign up at and message user: seemly

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.uk Domain Right of Registration Countdown

On 10th June 2014, Nominet launched the short .uk domain extension.
If your .uk domain is not registered before Monday, 10th June 2019 it will become free to register by anyone.

.uk Rights of Registration countdown