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I have been trying to learn more Javascript and I figured that one of the best ways of me getting to grips with it from the ground up is by creating HTML5 canvas based games.

Being a front-end developer by day and with my youngest son, @sms195, going through college (and hopefully uni) to become a game designer/developer, I am keen to get myself up to a level that when he is coding or needs help with almost anything, I can help him out as much as possible.

This post will detail any Awesome #gameDev resources, including;

  • Sound assets
  • Image assets
  • Javascript game frameworks
  • Game development tutorials
  • Awesome game developers on Twitter
  • Improving your work flow
  • General guides and relative things of interest

I will add any resources to this list as and when I find them, so be sure to pop back from time to time.


    GameDev Market
    May, 2014, Brought the one-stop shop for any game developer; GameDev Market. A community-driven marketplace that connects indie game developers with talented 2D, 3D, GUI and Audio asset creators. Reasonably priced, and easy to grasp licensing docs.
    This offer from @KenneyWings is absolutely fantastic; Pay what you want for a complete package of 5,500+ assets (graphics, sounds, fonts, game sources and textures). You’ll receive a single ZIP archive with all elements categorized. Oh, and the assets are absolutely top notch!
    Open Stock Project
    Being a front-end developer and somebody who tries to steer clear of an element of design, I started looking for freely available graphic assets to begin my baby steps into game development.This is when I stumbled across this site in early 2014. At that point, there was already a fair few image assets for game development. More than enough to get me started, anyway.Oh, and the best part? The assets provided on this site are completely open source, without the need for attribution (but it wouldn’t hurt to show a bit of love!).


    At time of writing, you can buy this fantastic resource pack of 3,000+ sound effects for $20. Multi-purpose high quality sound effects library containing thousands of sound effects ultimately suitable for any game genre. Updates are free for existing customers!
    Zippy Tracks
    Stock Music & Sound FX – Free Commercial License. Although this site is still a work in progress (at time of writing), you can tell it will be an awesome resource for any game developer. Why? Because it is a sister site of the brilliant
    Free Sound FX
    The sound effects available on this fantastic website can be used in any commercial, non-commercial, broadcast multimedia/audio visual production.
    Note: Please pay attention to the requirement to credit the artist in order to legally use these assets for both private and commercial use.
    Free firearm sound library
    CC0 NO RIGHTS RESERVED for this library. It may be used without royalty or credit (though we would love to hear how you’ve used our sounds) for any application, personal or professional.


    A fast, free and fun open source framework for desktop and mobile HTML5 game development.


    One of the key features of this fantastic app is that it works with any game engine (and it will save you a shit load of time!).


Learn Regular Expressions (RegEx)

Whenever I find useful and/or interesting posts, tools, etc, I tweet them to share with the community, whilst also acting as some kind of bookmark for myself. I then try to elaborate on what I deem to be the more interesting tweets wherever possible.

Today, I have taken my first steps into the realms of Regular Expressions (RegEx for short).

Now, whilst I may not be in a position to actually teach you anything myself, I did come across a really nice interactive tutorial site with around 15 or so tasks that step you through the fundamentals of what RegEx is and how to use it in it’s most basic form.

I spent a little time on this site today and I have to say, I know a damn site more about basic regular expressions now than I did when I woke up this morning!

Are you new to Regex? You will definitely find the interactive regex tutorials of benefit.


Learn Regex

If you look hard enough, you might find something good…